Tales from Behind the Desk

a book with heavy water damage

Our Circulation staff have seen some wild things over the years and they’re finally here to tell you some of the weirdest things they’ve witnessed…behind the desk. Check back monthly for more tales of weirdness!

Please Don’t Use That as a Bookmark

Not everyone has the time to hunt down the one bookmark they own every time they need to stop reading their book. Many people adhere to the “whatever piece of paper is closest” school of thought, but some take it a step further. Here is a short list of things we’ve found in our books: juiceboxes, tissues (used and unused), food wrappers, and napkins. Clearly, people enjoy reading their books alongside their meals.

It Was like This When I Checked It Out!

Over time books get old, pages become loose, and stains accumulate. What do we do when our books are aging? We replace the old copy with a new, perfect copy. We do not lend them out. So when we see a book come back with significant damage, we know exactly when that happened. Some of the most popular forms of damage we get returned to us include: chew marks, water damage, mystery liquid marks, cracked discs, or complete animal destruction.

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