Tales from Behind the Desk

a damaged book sitting in the dirt

Our Circulation staff have seen some wild things over the years and they’re finally here to tell you some of the weirdest things they’ve witnessed…behind the desk. Check back monthly for more tales of weirdness!

One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Library Donation

The books that are brought to the library for donation vary wildly in condition. Most books are in like-new or brand new condition, while other are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. When someone brings in a book and claims it was their pride and joy, there is a high chance that book will be dusty, missing pages, or actually molding. As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t give something to a friend, then it probably won’t find a home with the Library.

Some Rules Are Not Meant to Be Broken

It may seem unfair that you need your library card or identification to check out a book. Who has the time to remember to bring those? We see a lot of upset or disappointed patrons who forgot their wallet but really want to leave with a DVD. Let us explain this rule: imagine coming in to the Library and finding out you had 34 overdue DVDs on your account that you didn’t check out. You’d be very upset! However, if we allow people to check things out under any account they tell us belongs to them, that’s exactly one of the problems that could arise. For everyone’s peace of mind, just get one of the tiny library cards that slips on your keychain and worry no more!

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