Tales from Behind the Desk

a yogurt to go pouch found inside a book

Our Circulation staff have seen some wild things over the years and they’re finally here to tell you some of the weirdest things they’ve witnessed…behind the desk. Check back monthly for more tales of weirdness!

Please Don’t Use That as a Bookmark, pt. 2

If you’ve read the previous installments of this series, you know people love to stick weird things inside their books, forget about them, and return those books to us. Here is another list of strange things we’ve found inside books lately: a yogurt pouch (pictured above), $250 cash, blank checks, completely filled out and signed checks, unpaid bills, birthday cards, holiday cards, extremely precious family photos. All this goes to show, the next time you’re missing $250, try checking your library book!

They Said What?

We hear a lot behind the Circulation desk, from children begging for a rated M video game to children begging for rated R movies. Overall, it takes a lot to surprise us anymore. That being said, there are still some quotes we just can’t forget. “Can I change my baby’s diaper on this table in the middle of the hall?” (No, we have changing stations in our bathrooms downstairs). “I have an interview in 5 minutes, so I need you to print this resume in less than 5 minutes!” (We can probably make this happen, but you’re cutting it very close, friend). “Do you have a folder/stamp/sticky note/typewriter?” (While we do offer free rubber bands, paper clips, staples, pens, and white-out, we are not a fully stocked office supply store).

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