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Behind the Book: Andrew Clements’ Author Profile

Andrew Clements Author Profile

Andrew Clements’ book Frindle has been a favorite of our 4th grade Battle of the Books readers for years. Published in 1996, Frindle tells the story of class clown Nick Allen who, tired of his no-nonsense English teacher Mrs. Granger, comes up with a scheme. After learning that people get to determine what words mean, Nick find a pen and decides to give it a new name: “Frindle.” 

Frindle teaches young readers about the power of words and people who get to create them. As a former teacher, Clements was able to use his experience in the classroom to inform his writing. In Frindle, Clements’ first novel, he expertly presented the relationship between student and teacher. The ability to explore these complex and dynamic relationships became a defining feature of Clements’ career. 

After Frindle, Clements went on to write many more beloved books for middle-grade readers such as The Landry NewsNo Talking, and The Losers Club. His books continue to be favorites year after year. Andrew Clements passed away on November 28th this year at the age of 70. In honor of his life and career, we would like to highlight a few of his best works.

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