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2020 Art Show

  • 2020 Art Show

Welcome to the second annual Art in the Hills: A Virtual Gallery! Here, you’ll find artwork by residents of the greater Auburn Hills community. Captions at the bottom of each image name the piece’s Title // Artist // Medium. Artwork will be on display here from October 5 – October 26. Winners of the judged contest and community choice award will be announced on October 24 on the library’s Facebook and Instagram, so vote for your favorite artwork and follow us to see the winners!

Note: The full view of some images may be interrupted on some screens. If your view is interrupted, you can view an image in full by opening it in a new tab.

Community Choice Voting

Vote for your favorite artwork! Winners will be announced on October 24.

2020 Art Show Community Choice

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More from the Artists

All artists had the opportunity to include a professional website or social media handle with their submission. You can learn more about some of the artists in our show by visiting the links below. Please note that clicking on a link will take you to an external site.

Kathleen Gardiner – pogotown.etsy.com

Hannah Richey – Hannah Joy Spectrum Designs

Rachael Kollman – The Art Experience

Laura Cavanagh – www.lauracavanagh.com

Andrea Affeld – Serenity Paint Designs

Avril Caron – avrilcaron.com

Jennifer Schipper – @jenschipp

Susan Young – @susan.young.art

Akaya Prenton – http://www.ayakampart.com

Sarah Mohon – https://about.me/SaraMohonTheArtist

Audrey Walker – @audiewalkart

Jill Willich – Jill Willich on Facebook

Italia Millan – https://italiamillan.com/

CJ Juntunen – cobwebjr.com

Shannon Vermeulen – https://paintamiracle.org/

MaryJo Cassidy – https://paintamiracle.org/

Matt Cooney – https://paintamiracle.org/

Chris Betts – https://paintamiracle.org/

Scott Campbell – https://paintamiracle.org/

Megan Daley – https://paintamiracle.org/

Courtney Cyrkiel – https://paintamiracle.org/

Tarlton Renard Small – The Art Experience

Wayne Pace – The Art Experience

Megan O’Dell – The Art Experience

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