LGBTuesdays: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy

Meg Jo Beth and Amy Front Cover

A new film adaptation of the classic story Little Women debuted in movie theaters on Christmas Day. If you enjoyed that fresh take on the popular novel, you may also enjoy this modern graphic novel version published in 2019. Although the challenges the characters face are updated, the characters remain true to their original spirits and the heart of the story shines through.

This version of the tale finds Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy living in a small Brooklyn apartment with their mother while their father is overseas fighting in the Middle East as a soldier. Their family is blended, with Jo and Meg both coming from their parents’ previous relationships while Beth and Amy are the product of the new union. Readers familiar with Alcott’s original story will easily be able to see the inspiration behind the various chapters, such as the iconic Christmas feast the girls enjoy after serving the less fortunate.

Some of the bigger changes to the story (spoilers ahead!) include Jo coming out as a lesbian after rejecting Laurie, Meg deciding to end her relationship to become a lawyer, and Beth getting leukemia and surviving! This version doesn’t follow the girls through to their adulthood, instead leaving them in their young selves. There has been no indication that there will be a sequel, so it’s up to the reader to decide what happens to the little women next in their lives.

Altogether, the modern updates do not hinder the story in any way and don’t feel forced, except some of the emails to their father which help to move the story along and feel a bit clunky. If you have a young reader you’re looking to introduce to the March family or are a fan yourself interested on a new take, I’d highly recommend checking this book out.

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