What’s new in graphic novels?

A lot has changed in our graphic novels section in the past year! I’m sure many of you noticed that is was reorganized in the summer, but we also added a new collection and some new series into the mix. I cover a couple of the additions below, but this list is by no means all encompassing. Speak to a librarian, check out the display in the graphic novels section, or peruse our new graphic novel section in the reading room to see more! 

The Reference Section

Our newest and biggest change is the “reference” section. This is located on the end of the graphics section next to the X-Men graphic novels and include books for DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Trek. Many of these new texts are vivid encyclopedias and cover everything from the background information for every Star Wars location and planet, the make-up and schematics for the Star Trek ships, and overviews of every hero and villain for both Marvel and DC.  Further into the section, we have individual character books that gives the history of various character in both the DC and Marvel universes. In my opinion, the best series of books is the “Celebration of…” books for the DC characters. Unlike some of the other character books we have, these are collections of comic strips and stories with the best moments in that character’s history compiled into one book for your reading pleasure! I’m personally a big Wonder Woman fan and reading through the 75-year celebration of her stories starting from her introduction to the comic book world in 1941 is a real treat.  


Skyward is a new Sci-Fi graphic novel series that we recently acquired. The series is only 3 books, so we have the series in its totality if you want a quick read that’s a lot of fun. It’s set in the near future in a time when gravity on earth functions at only a fraction of what it currently is now. The authors had fun imagining what daily life would be like if you could float off into space at the slightest wrong push. In this series, you can see what the world would be like and join our intrepid protagonist as she goes off at her father’s behest to try to fix the world and bring gravity back! 


Middlewest is another new intriguing series. Currently this only has 2 collected editions out and is an ongoing series to look forward to. Middlewest follows the story of Abel and Fox as they go through an adventure to discover his family’s troubled past. This one is an interesting mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy given its subtle steam punk elements and talking animals. The mix is weird when first reading the series, but you quickly get accustom to Abel’s sassy fox companion and the interesting looking technology scattered throughout the setting. I really got into the Abel’s determined attitude to keep going even when events are at their darkest and how he slowly learns to rely on the friends he makes along his journey to self-discovery.  

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