Animals Away: Learn about Animals from the Comfort of Home


Learn all about animals from the comfort of your couch! Check out the live cams listed to see what animals from all around the country and even the world are doing right now. When you are done checking out your favorite animals, check out a the Worldbook Melcat database to learn more! 

The first zoo cam is one very close to home, our own Detroit Zoo! Many visitors love watching the otters frolic and play, so the zoo decided to put a camera on Whiskers and Lucifer, their son Sparky, and newcomer Kalee. The camera will be off between 7am-9am for feeding time. Visit the Detroit Zoo website to learn more about otters! 

The famous San Diego Zoo offers live cams to view many of their animals, including penguins, baboons, koalas, elephants, and more! Most of the live cam pages include additional information to learn about the animals, as well as a blog with updates on how the zoo cares for them! Keep in mind that San Diego is in a time zone three hours behind Detroit, so I would recommend checking in after 9am. 

The Smithsonian National Zoo offers live cams of several of their animals, but maybe their most famous animals are their pandas, Tien Tien and Mai Xiang! You can watch the pandas on two different cameras and learn a little about pandas along the way. 

If you’d rather enjoy oceanic life, the National Aquarium is live streaming some of their aquatic tanks during business hours. They even have notes about what kinds of animals you can look for in each of the tanks. 

Another zoo close to home, the Cincinnati Zoo will be offering Facebook Livestream safaris every day at 3pm. Past safaris you can check out include posts about Fiona the Hippo, an ocelot, and sloths! The zoo includes plenty of fun facts and activities to do at home. 

The website Explore.org allows users to switch between a wide variety of different animals, both exotic and domestic! There are bald eagle cams, elephant cams, and even kitten and puppy cams! If you choose to create an account on the website, you can favorite a cam of animal your family particularly enjoys. 

Do you have an animal at home that you are enjoying spending some time with? Comment with a picture to show us your furry friend! 

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