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Tales From Behind the Desk – March 2020

Featured Plants

Welcome back to tales from behind the desk! This month we have a special tale, “The Plants See Everything!”. Check back monthly for more tales of weirdness!

Nintendo Switch Games

Ever wonder about all these plants we have around the library, and what kind of things they might see on a day to day basis?

Well, we’ve got the cacti at Courtney’s desk in support services. They have been around for about 2 years now. They see all the back-end stuff we do. Processing, cataloging, receiving, marketing creations and book repair. Processing is the first step to getting items out to the shelves. We sticker them with the appropriate labels. Then they get to be catalogued!

Cataloging is when we put the item into the system so that you guys are able to look it up in the catalog and place it on hold or come in and check it out! Many times we have to send our items to the Library Network to set up a unique record if there are no usable records of this item. Usually this is for very special things, like our board games!

Sometimes, they can even see over at Marie’s desk where she does her book repair. And if you haven’t yet, check out our article on book repair here.

Circulation Plants

Since our “back area” doubles as the break room for our support services staff members, of course they get to smell everyones delicious meals. We do frequent many delivery services and the plants approve. Sometimes they see Pizza and Jimmy Johns, or more often they see Panera.

We also have “the counter” as well call it. And that’s basically where we put all of the food that is available to a good home for all the staff. Like chips, brownies, or sometimes Mary’s jams. The holidays are always busy counter times. We sure do miss those days.

Remember we told you guys about our library ghost? Well sometimes the ghost has little talks to our plants to make sure that they get their oxygen even when the staff isn’t there. Talking to your plants is so great for their health!

Our plant’s thank you for reading, and they will be back for more tales in different departments!

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