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Sewing Face Maks

Crafters rejoice! If there is a new skill you would like to learn and a tutorial that you are looking for, look no further than Creativebug! Creativebug provides unlimited access to classes for a large number of crafts including sewing, jewelry making, knitting, crochet, cooking, paper arts, quilting, crafts for kids, and others! These are fun and great to do on your own or as a family! You can even do the same project with a friend and compare results over video chat!

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Creativebug is here to help you with something more though. If you’re interested in sewing and doing something to help your community, you may be interested in learning how to sew masks for your local hospitals. Supplies are low and hard to come by in this trying time. JOANN Fabrics is working hard to help with this by providing supplies and tutorials for making these masks for hospitals in need. Any masks made can be dropped off at a JOANN Fabrics and JOANN will work to distribute the masks to our hospitals!

You can view the website for their initiative here:

The link above provides tutorials on how to sew various types of masks, though I really like this tutorial:

Accepted Healthcare Resources

The PDF can be downloaded for step by step instructions, and the video is a great overview of the whole process. Above all, please know that these masks need to be 100% cotton. The tutorial listed above are made with no elastic, but you can also get elastic so that doctors and nurses and can wrap them around their ears quickly.

Be sure to call our Auburn Hills JOANN Fabrics at (248)393-8167 if you have any questions about supplies, curbside pick-up for materials, or dropping the masks off.

So how can Creativebug help with this? This tool offers access to many beginner tutorials on:

All these tutorials and more are available for you no matter the project or need once you set up a Creativebug account through the Creativebug link on our website!

Stay healthy everyone, stay positive, and thank you for helping your community!

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