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Do you enjoy going to theme parks? Have you ever wondered about the history of your favorite rides or wondered why your favorite ride or attraction is no longer there? Or maybe you just need a distraction from these troubling and uncertain times we are living in. There are many websites, YouTube channels, and podcasts devoted to theme parks, so many that they can’t all be mentioned here, but here are a few.

Defunctland: Join host and creator Kevin Pejurer as he explores various defunct rides, attractions, parks, and TV shows. While many of the episodes of Defunctland concentrate on the Disney parks and Universal Studios, there are also videos on Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and the Cedar Fair parks, including a couple on Cedar Point. Defunct TV covers past TV shows, mainly children’s shows from the 90s. There is also a Defunctland podcast, which features further discussions of topics covered in the YouTube videos. It also has fun debates between Pejurer and fellow theme park enthusiasts and YouTuber Rob from Rob Plays. Highlights of the Defunctland podcast are the interviews with the creative people behind the defunct attractions. Hearing about all the time, effort, and imagination that goes into something like a ride at Disneyworld is very fascinating and even inspiring for future creators.

Yesterworld Entertainment: Like Defunctland Yesterworld concentrates mainly on the history of theme park rides and attractions, particularly those no longer running. Yesterworld mainly focuses on Disney and Universal. It also covers topics, such as movie props, abandoned movie sets, and a captivating look at lost or destroyed TV episodes. A recent episode told the history of the Disney Vault, a concept in which Disney movies would only be available on video for a limited time, a frustration for parents and librarians alike. Yesterworld also has a podcast, in which topics from the YouTube videos are further discussed by co-hosts Mark and Quinn.

Other series and sites: Disney Dan: YouTube channel, covering a variety of topics on Disney Parks, as well as other topics like Lego. Disney Dan’s videos are full of silly fun, and Dan’s enthusiasm is very contagious.

Rob Plays:  YouTube channel in which Rob covers various topics related to the Disney Parks. Rob also has a Podcast, called The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities (TTA) in which he is joined by co-host Christine to talk everything Disney.

Orlando Parkstop,, a website with all the latest theme park news and rumors, including park closure updates. A great site if you want to get a sneak peek at new rides and attractions. There is also a podcast by site creator Alicia Stella called, Parkstop.

One final interesting note is all of the personalities mentioned above have appeared on each other’s channels and podcasts, and seem to have a strong comradery among each other rather than seeing each other as rivals. It is nice to hear people talking together who have a common passion and even a bit inspiring.

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