Special Storytime Activities at Home

If you’ve attended a Library storytime, you know that there is more to a storytime than stories and rhymes. We do all kinds of activities to make storytime special! Here are a few ideas of activities that you can recreate at your own home. 

Sensory Bins– Sensory bins are typically used in our Toddler storytimes, but they are really fun for all ages! To make a sensory bin at home, you will need an empty container, preferably plastic. Larger is better for encouraging play, but Tupperware containers or mixing bowls can work well. Some of our favorite sensory materials at the library are dry rice, beans, and lentils! If you have access to vinegar and food coloring, you can use instructions online to dye the sensory materials different colors. You can find instructions for dying rice here.  

Active Songs: Moving and grooving is a big part of storytime! Use your favorite music streaming platform to find plenty of songs online! Here are links to some of our favorites: Shake our Sillies Out by The Learning StationSilly Dance Contest by Jim Gill, and Little Red Wagon by Old Town School of Folk Music. We are also posting our favorite songs on social media, so check out the songs on social media! 

Crafts- At the end of our preschool storytimes, we do a craft! Here are a few favorites that use materials you may have at home.  

Tie Dye Coffee Filters are made by using markers to color on coffee filters, then spraying them with water. Watch the coffee filters dry to see the colors tie dye together! 

Tissue paper Collages are perfect if you have leftover tissue papers from the holidays! Cut up the tissue paper into squares, then use glue sticks to glue it on to paper. It’s a great way to practice fine motor skills. To add an extra challenge, print or draw a shape, letter, or animal. Try to keep the glued tissue paper inside the image.  

Bird Feeders are another craft that makes use of fine motor skills. String Cheerios onto a pipecleaner or string to hang outside for birds or inside for decoration.  

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