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5 More Crafts You Can Do with Things You (probably) Have Already

Yarn pompom

CreativeBug has many craft tutorials available for every level of crafter from beginner to master. However, many crafts require a person to go buy a new material or supply in order to start. We’ve compiled a list of 5 more crafts you can do today with things you bought with every intention of using at some point before now.

How to Make a Pompom Level: Beginner | Time: 18 mins | Supplies: 5-10 yards of yarn, Boye Pom Tassel Maker, sharp scissors, paper scissors, light cardboard such as a cereal box, fork, yarn needle

Learn three different ways to make pompoms with knitwear designer Maggie Pace. You will learn how to make pompoms using a store-bought pompom maker, or make your own pompom maker out of cardboard. Also included are instructions on making tiny pompoms using a fork.

Finger Knitting Level: Intermediate | Time: 8 mins | Supplies: yarn

Want to get your craft on with nothing more than a skein of yarn? Amelia shows you how to finger knit chains of yarn that can be turned into necklaces, bracelets, garlands and much more. Wear the chains in stacks for a modern and tactile look. Amelia teaches the sequence in a chunky yarn so it’s easy to follow along.

Keepsake Needle Case Level: Beginner | Time: 18 mins | Supplies: PDF Template, scrap piece of cotton larger than your template, scrap piece of 100% wool felt larger than your template, 12″ length of vintage or new embroidered ribbon, fabric shears, pinking shears, straight pins, sewing machine and sewing machine thread

In this short-and-sweet class, Rebecca Ringquist shares instructions for making a vintage-inspired needle case. The only materials needed are a bit of cotton, felt, and pretty ribbon, and very basic machine-sewing skills are required. The finished case is perfect for organizing embroidery needles, and the wool felt will keep them nice and sharp for future crafting.

Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn Level: Intermediate | Time: 17 mins | Supplies: undyed yarn, Kool-Aid (2-4 packs for every 2 oz of yarn), contrasting color yarn, scissors, a large bowl, a stockpot, a spoon, a dowel or drying rack

Put your colorful imaginations to use! Using Kool-Aid is an easy and fun way to create hand-dyed yarn – for your knitting projects, as well as hooking a future generation of crafters. Melanie shows you how to create a palette at home without any special equipment or a tangled mess. She also offers tips for working alongside kids and shows how different fibers take the dye differently.

Kids Japanese Side Sewn Books Level: Beginner | Time: 6 mins | Supplies: straight edge ruler, a hole punch, cutting knife (optional), one 8.5 x 11 cover paper per book, 5 sheets of text weight or lightweight paper per book, heavy or stiff craft string or cord

This is a kid friendly version of the four-hole Japanese Side Sewn Binding, no needle required! Kids can use the finished book to write in, draw in and tell a story. And they’ll be very proud of themselves after making a book!

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