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Cooking with Kids

For many of us, staying at home has meant more cooking and baking! Cooking can involve the whole family and even include lessons about STEM and life skills. Three children’s cookbooks even topped the New York Times children’s best sellers list this week, including two from America’s Test Kitchen you can find on Libby! Check out these other great resources all about cooking with your kids- 

If you are unsure what skills might be appropriate to teach your child in the kitchen, start by checking out this helpful article from, which covers basic food safety tips for all ages and ideas of tasks for kids age 3-12. 

If you are waiting for the America’s Test Kitchen’s cookbooks to become available on Libby, check out their Young Chef’s Club website! The website offers weekly lesson plans, quizzes on different food and kitchen tools, and, of course, delicious recipes! The recipes are rated by difficulty and include links to lessons on how to do basic components, such as melt butter or measure liquids.  

Another website with recipes, in addition to educational resources, is This website features short how to videos for kids about more advanced cooking concepts, like safely chopping vegetables and how to knead dough. They also feature lesson plan worksheets on various plants.  

If your kids are more into learning from Youtube, there are kids cooking youtube channels as well! The channel New Sky Kids has a cooking show with younger children, while the channel Kids Cooking and Crafts offers more complex recipes for older kids. While these channels may not be as educational (or healthy) as our other resources, they may help spark your child’s interest in cooking or creating their own show! Closer to home, a Michigan restaurant owner created the channel Kid’s Kitchen, which features him cooking with his daughter! 

When you’re ready to start making meals together, the website HowtoCook is a great place to start! There’s a delicious recipe for pancakes right on the front page. The website includes lots of pictures for you and your child to follow along with as you start making the recipe. A BIG thank you to Liz for recommending it to us!  

If all of these cooking resources inspire you to explore more, make sure you check out OverDrive through the library! There you can find magazines from Food Network, Taste of Home, and Bon Appetit! 

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