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Helping Children Process Their Emotions

At the Library, our librarians frequently get asked to help find books about feelings. Books are a great way to help children process their own emotions and practice empathizing with the characters in the stories. Here are some of my favorite books about feelings that can be found online! 

Books about Feeling Angry- Everyone gets angry sometimes- it’s what comes after you start to feel angry that you can control! Here are some books about feeling angry. 

One of the best books to start a conversation about how to process feeling angry is Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang. The story follows Sophie as she gets angry, removes herself from the situation causing her anger, and calms down. The audiobook can be found on Hoopla or is read by Julian Lerner on Instagram.  

Available through Libby, Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney explores how one of our favorite friends, Llama Llama grows frustrated during a day out shopping. Watch the author read the story on Youtube.  

Sometimes you may not feel angry, but just might be a little bit grumpy! Take a look at Grumpy Pants by Claire Messner to see how a penguin deals with a grumpy mood! The  Grumpy Pants ebook is available on Hoopla

Books about feeling afraid Fear is a part of any child (or even person’s) life, but that may be amplified by current events. Here are books available about feeling afraid, dealing with worry, and being brave.  

Very Last Castle by Travis Jonkers is the story of a girl who lives in a village with a mysterious castle. Most of the villagers are afraid (and she is too) but she’s also curious and brave. In the end, she’s rewarded for her courage! This title is available on Hoopla

Anxiety can start early for many children, something that more and more authors are now addressing. The title When I Feel Worried by Cornelia Maude Spelmanavailable through Hoopla, addresses the reality of situations that may cause anxiety and gently suggests how best to address those feelings.   

For slightly older children, Brave Molly by Brooke Boynton-Hughes is written in graphic novel format. A mostly wordless picture book available on Hoopla, Molly portrays her worries as monsters. Her worries grow and grow, chasing her all around, until they are defeated by her reaching out to a friend.  

Books about being mindful-Mindfulness is a growing trend in children’s literature. It centers around acknowledging emotions and then finding strategies that work for your child to process those emotions! With similarities to meditation, it aims to help children find calm.  

In Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale, Clark struggles to keep his excitement for overflowing at school! He struggles to control his emotions, causing trouble for his friends and teacher. With the help of his teacher, Clark realizes there is a time and place for his excitement and works out a strategy to help himself remember this. This book is available on Tumblebooks

I am Peace by Peter Reynolds, available on Hoopla, helps children find peace through their senses and the world around them! 

Mindful Day Deborah Hopkinson gives an example of how one family lives through a day using mindful thinking.  This title is available on Hoopla

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