5 Reasons to Travel Solo

Scene of a waterfall over a river on a sunny day
Scene of a waterfall over a river on a sunny day

Reason #1

Have you ever felt exhausted from having to plan things with your friends between different work schedules? Have you had your friends bail out on you last minute? Have you found yourself wanting to do more, but feel like you can’t do it unless someone does it with you? Well, say no more. You don’t need anyone to go with you, GO SOLO! Hop in your car and let the road take you to your next adventure. I promise you that you will not regret it. Just do it. Go see the world, because every day matters.

Woman kayaking

Reason #2

Despite what I initially thought, I felt so productive not only during, but upon return from my trip. Typically everyone goes through this phase of unproductive behavior following a vacation as they begin their return to their daily schedule. The trip made me feel more accomplished in many aspects of my life.

First person view of someone looking across a lake with their legs in frame

Reason #3

Venturing out on your own gives you the exquisite ability to connect more with yourself. It bestows you the opportunity to grow more as an individual. The time you get during your travels allows you to appreciate the little things in life and truly find what is most important to you while you explore beautiful scenes of nature.

Selfie of a woman in front of a lake

Reason #4

Travelling always presents you with the opportunity to cross paths with people you might not have ever met before. But, travelling alone makes these moments greater. Meeting new people and hearing other’s stories helps to open your horizons. You might even make a new lifelong friend. The world is getting smaller every day, and you never know who you might befriend.

Silhouette of a woman in front of a lake at dusk

Reason #5

Having time of solitude, you feel so free, and one thing that I noticed was that I felt so confident in myself. And that, personally, is something I have never truly felt before. You don’t have to spend time comparing yourself with your friends or family. You also don’t have to face any criticism from others based on things you want to do. No one will make you feel bad about the choices you make on your trip.

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