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Black History Month: Food & History

This week to celebrate Black History Month we have a list of cookbooks by Black authors that you can check out at our library, a list of books that talk about Black history and food, and some podcasts to listen to while you are cooking!

Cookbooks by Black Authors

History of Food


Here are some episodes and podcasts that you can listen to while cooking! Learn the history of food and racism, and listen to the voices of current Black chef’s that discuss their relationship to food and the culinary industry.  

In June 2020, Quaker Oats announced they were changing the name and label of their “Aunt Jemima” products, that were specifically created to provide that sense of nostalgia drawn from the long, racist history of Black women who were bound to serve white families. This episode explores that history, and goes back further to consider how even the staple foods of Southern cuisine originated in the horrors of slavery.” 

“The food of the South is one of the most complicated, complex, contradictory cuisines in the U.S. This is the region is where food born in violence and slavery led to delicious, nutritious dishes. In this episode, authors Michael Twitty and John T. Edge, two of the nation’s leading voices on Southern food, take listeners on a tour through their shared history.” 

“Soul by Chef Todd Richards is a new podcast from HRN that explores the roots of southern food throughout the country and why food itself is a religious experience. Soul takes the understanding of Southern Food – and it’s own soul – a few steps further as we lift up Black voices in the industry and around the world.” 

“The Walk-In considers the reality of “making it” in the culinary industry. Elle, who is a mentor to many women of color chefs, explores the unheard stories of the food world’s difference makers – including chefs, writers, entrepreneurs, and media personalities. What really happens between their first day and overnight success?” 

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