COVID-19 and Mental Health

On Tuesday, January 26 we live streamed a program called Ask a Therapist. During the program we heard from Dr. James Guina, who directs the psychiatrist residency program at Beaumont Royal Oak, teaches second year med students at Oakland University’s Beaumont School of Medicine, and is a practicing psychiatrist. Dr. Guina did a presentation about mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then answered our questions about mental health concerns living through the pandemic.

Sadly, we have lost the audio to this program, so we can longer share the video with you. The good news is Dr. Guina was kind enough to share the slides from his presentation so we may share them with you. We also have some resources to share, including some websites and books you can turn to learn more about mental health and seek more information.


Books About Anxiety and other Mental Health Issues

Books about mental health can be found in two different areas. They can be found in the 100s, with books on psychology, a few of the books mentioned below are found in the 150s. They can also be found in the 600s, with the medical books, mainly the 610s.

The following books are found in our Y nonfiction section, which are elementary and tween level.

The following books are found in our Teen nonfiction area, and are at a high school level.

We also have books for parents too, in our Parenting section, mainly under P/T 150s and P/T 610s and P/T 640s. A couple of titles are:

Online Resources

As you search online for mental health information for you and your family, here are some recommended free websites that can be trusted to have good and recent information.

Medline Plus Logo
From the NIH/National Library of Medicine
  • #1 recommended website for free health information on all diseases, conditions, drugs, herbs, diet, exercise, and mental health!
  • Links out to other reliable online sources
  • Includes health summaries in over 40 languages!

From the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
  • Go-to resource for mental health information!
    • Plain language mental health information on many disorders including warning signs and treatments
    • Recommendations for where to get help for you and your family and friends

KidsHealth logo
From the Nemour Foundation
  • Health information for parents and for their kids written at appropriate age levels
  • See “ForTeens” tab for information written specifically for teens, including an entire section dedicated to mental health topics called “Mind”

Mayo Clinic Logo
From the Mayo Clinic Hospital
  • Free online website of patient information from a trusted hospital

Up To Date Logo
From a medical publisher, Wolters Kluwer
  • One of the top medical information resources used by doctors, UpToDate’s free patient information portal provides simple summaries on common diseases and conditions
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