ABRACADABRA! and Other Magical Words, Items, and Places

Picture books that will make you wish magic was real!

Super Happy Magic Forest

Matty Long

When the Mystical Crystals of Life are stolen from the Super Happy Magic Forest--where everybody parties all the time--five unlikely heroes are chosen to go on a quest to retrieve them.

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The Magic Bed

John Burningham

Georgie gets a new bed that takes him on magical adventures.

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The Magic Flute

Chris Raschka

The Magic Flute is the favorite choice of many opera lovers. But ask any of them to tell you the rambunctious, mystical, and downright oddball story of the opera and no two tellers will agree. Enter Chris Raschka, an opera goer himself. His stunning

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Magic Hockey Stick

Peter Maloney, Felicia Zekauskas

When her parents win Wayne Gretzky's hockey stick at a charity auction, a young girl begins playing with it and becomes her team's star.

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The Magic of Letters

Tony Johnston

In this colorful, playful presentation of how letters and words can empower, a delightful rabbit character demonstrates the magic that letters can make.

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The Magic Hat

Mem Fox

A wizard's hat blows into town, changing people into different animals when it lands on their heads.

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Three Magic Balls

Richard Egielski

After an old woman sells three unusual balls to the owner of the toy shop where Rudy works, she gives him a golden whistle that comes in very handy when the balls lead him on a magical adventure.

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The Magic Raincoat

Ryan David

Emily is not happy with her new raincoat until she discovers that it is magical, so when her mother trades it to the neighbor who was equally unhappy with her own new raincoat, Emily must think of a way to trade back.

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The Magic Word

Mac Barnett

When Paxton C. Heymeyer’s babysitter tells him to say the magic word, she could never have imagined that what would happen next would be a walrus chasing her, an elephant in the living room playing cards, and a full water park and moat in the front

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Magic Beach

Crockett Johnson

Two children find themselves in a story when they write words in the sand on the beach, and whatever they have written appears when the waves wash the words away.

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The Magic Rabbit

Annette LeBlanc Cate

When Bunny becomes separated from Ray, a magician who is his friend, he follows a crowd to a park where he has a lovely afternoon, and after the people leave and darkness falls, the lonely Bunny finds a glittering trail of hope.

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The Magic Kerchief

Kirby Larson

Sharp-tongued and lonely Griselda gets a magic kerchief from a mysterious stranger, and when she wears it she can speak only kind words to the people she meets.

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