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Horror books do one thing…scare readers. They want to make you jump out of your skin at every turn of the page and feel a sense of dread at what’s coming next.

Horror Subgenre Lists


Body Horror

A specific subgenre of horror that offers vivid depictions of graphic violations or mutilations of the body. 

Classic Horror

A subgenre of horror where the books are typically considered noteworthy.  These books stand the test of time.  Readers are aware of, and may even know the plot of, even if they have never read the books. 

Comedic Horror

A subgenre of horror that makes readers laugh and jump at the same time.  Comedic horror is possibly the most fun of all horror subgenres. 

Ghost Stories 

A subgenre of horror where spirits are often the souls of dead people who have unfinished business or seek revenge on the living. 

Gothic Horror 

A subgenre of horror, gothic horror is often categorized by a battle between humanity and an unnatural force of evil either manmade or supernatural. 


Is there anything more suspenseful than a nightmarish story that makes you too scared to turn off the lightsSome folks love to read horror books because of the adrenaline rushOthers enjoy the mental release of feeling all the feelsEither way, the best horror stories reel you in and take you for a terrifying roller coaster ride.


Lovecraftian horror, popularized by author H.P. Lovecraft, begins with the assumption that otherworldly beings once ruled our planet and that they will return to destroy all of humanity. 

Non-Supernatural Horror

A subgenre of horror that does not include supernatural elements, meaning the story could plausibly occur in real life. 


A subgenre of horror that features characters in a wasteland location or time.  In a world destroyed by various causes, such as nuclear war or a medical pandemic, these stories tend to focus on the end of the world and the struggle for survival. 

Psychological Horror

A subgenre of horror that contains no monsters.  Instead, it plays on the mind of the reader and their innermost thoughts.  Common themes in this subgenre include suspicion, self-doubt, paranoia, and distrust of self and others. 

Science Fiction Horror

A subgenre of horror that combines the terror of the unknown with science.  Featuring futuristic threats or species that have been disturbed unwittingly by humans, science fiction horror promises that horror will exist no matter the time or the place, and that includes space. 

Slasher Horror

A subgenre of horror that is categorized by the presence of madmen: slashers, cannibals, sociopaths.  In this subgenre, the villains are physically after the protagonists.  The true horror comes from never knowing when they will pop up. 

Supernatural Horror

A subgenre of horror, supernatural horror often presents a gloomier world. As opposed to straight horror in which the villain might be a serial killer, in supernatural horror, the villain might be a werewolf, vampire, or other monster. Sometimes, the story is told through the monster’s point of view.

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