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Stay warm this winter with hygge and hygge inspired non-fiction books. They will cozy up your home and heart!

The Joy of Hygge

Jonny Jackson, Elias Larsen

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish word that describes the feeling of being cozy, comfortable, and at peace with the world. It’s almost impossible to translate to English, and it’s probably the reason that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. According to the London Evening Standard, hygge takes us beyond mindful meditation and adult coloring books and introduces us to a comfortable, warm, relaxing lifestyle exemplified by those in Denmark. The Joy of Hygge is packed with recipes to warm you on a winter’s evening, craft ideas for decorating your home, and inspirational suggestions for enjoying the magic of everyday pleasures. Learn how to make your life more hyggelig by: •Creating a snuggly pair of hand-knitted socks •Filling your house with more light and nature displays •Building a cozy campfire for friends and family •Taking advantage of picnics, bike rides, and woodland walks •Appreciating the natural wonders that surround us every day •And more! Remember—a little hygge brings a lot of happiness.

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Hygge Home

Thomas Nielson

In this fast-paced world, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could slow down and enjoy a life with less stress, less pressure, and have more time for the things you love? Then keep reading. It seems like every day life gets busier, faster, more stressful. And when you come home from a hectic day at work, what's waiting for you? If you're like most people, home is anything but relaxing! For too many of us, our homes aren't places of comfort and peace but of clutter. Useless objects pile up, crowding us into ever-smaller corners of our living space and demanding more and more of our time just to keep up with the mess! But your home doesn't have to be a place of frustration. Bring peace of mind and simplicity to your home today with the Danish concept of hygge. Instead of killing ourselves working more hours to afford more stuff for its own sake, hygge offers a lifestyle that is more focused on the happiness your objects bring to your living space. In Hygge Home you'll discover: How to boost your family's happiness with one simple Hygge tweak (pg. 24). Step-by-step guide to make your living space more functional (pg. 9). The simple value formula to keep or discard your household items (pg. 13). Six simple questions to ask yourself to improve ease of access and peace of mind (pg. 23). The essential connection between a hygge home and a more mindful existence (pg. 33). A can't-fail method for organizing your space today (pg. 36). Inexpensive and straightforward ways to bring natural materials into your home (pg. 40). Bringing peace into your home through decorating the hygge way (pg. 43). Essential tips for introducing hygge into every room in your house instantly (pg. 47). The six things you absolutely need to know to make your house a hygge home (pg. 51). ...And much, much more! Don't let your material possessions own you, discover how you can quickly get rid of things that you thought you treasured but you can easily throw away and only keep the most important things in your life. Turn your home into a place you can be proud of and have people asking you how you did it. If you can take out the trash Hygge will be a walk in the park for you.

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Hygge Living: The Practical Guide to Creating a Simple & Cozy Lifestyle the Danish Way

Thomas Nielson

Is your life stressful? Do you struggle to keep up with a million frustrating tasks? If you want a road map to a happier life then keep reading... All too many of us are so caught up in our daily lives, we don't even have a chance to enjoy what we're working so hard to maintain. Stuck in traffic to go to a boring job we hate, then getting home just in time to work ourselves sick with household chores. Is that any way to live? What about the things that are really important to you? Do those have to be neglected just to get by? What if there was another way to live besides the rat race--a cozy, straightforward life built not around pursuing material goods but on being content with what already makes you happy. All you have to do is reach out and take it! Yes, the simple secret to a peaceful, happy lifestyle is waiting for you just around the corner. And that is living the hygge way. Simple yet effective living! Did you know Danes are consistently voted the happiest people in the world, and once you understand hygge, it's no mystery why. Cozy, peaceful, uncluttered, with functional use of space with a generous use of natural light and materials, a hygge home is a wonderful place to be. But hygge is more than a decorating concept--it's a concept that can radically change the way you live your life for the better! By viewing your day-to-day existence through hygge principles, you'll be able to live more authentically, ridding yourself of things and behaviors that just add to your stress without making your life fuller. In Hygge Living, you'll discover: The simple secret to Danish happiness and how you can apply it to your life instantly. The missing ingredients a peaceful and cozy life. The two biggest misconceptions people have about hygge, and how avoiding them will save you a world of frustration. Instantly transform your chaotic surroundings to a peaceful one in seconds! The five simple steps to upgrade your living space into a hygge home. The simple de-cluttering hack to reduce stress and increase happiness. The simple yet clever ways hygge will enhance your friendship and social life. A simple philosophy of living that will satisfy your soul and bring contentment to your loved ones. Four tips to add comfort and enjoyment to your work environment. ...And much more! No long, out-there philosophy, no complicated directions. Simple and to the point actionable content which you can apply today. This book will help you better understand yourself and what makes you happy. Give your life order and your living space purpose. Click "Add to Cart" right now to start bringing hygge into your life!

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The Hygge Life

Gunnar Karl Gíslason, Jody Eddy

Hygge (loosely translated as "coziness") is centered around the idea of inviting comforting elements into day-to-day routines while creating warmth, community, and intimacy. The hygge life does more than just explain this philosophy, it teaches you how to apply hygge to all aspects of life throughout the year, from elevating your morning with perfectly brewed coffee to impromptu gatherings with family and friends to making an oasis at home, by offering ideas for decorating and self-care.

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Making winter : a hygge-inspired guide to surviving the winter months

Emma Mitchell

Banish winter blues and embrace the frosty months by cosying up with Emma Mitchell's nature-inspired collection of crafts.From delicate silver jewellery, paper-craft decorations and crocheted mittens, to foraged infusions, delicious recipes and nature diaries, Making Winter is filled with projects designed to fend off dreariness in the winter months. Step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs, shot at Emma's cottage in the Fens, take you through each project, so that even beginners can enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of a craft-filled winter and snuggle down in their own cosy paradise.

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Laura Weir

The Danes have hygge. The Swedes have lagom. Now, Laura Weir, a beloved lifestyle journalist and editor-in-chief of London Evening Standard’s weekly ES magazine, introduces American readers to the Brits’ best-kept secret—coziness—an indulgent, luxurious, yet unfussy way of creating comfort and joy. Cosy is “the slacker’s guide to staying at home, an antidote to peak frazzle.” With trademark Anglo cheekiness, Laura Weir perfectly captures the British essence of cosy. She celebrates socks, warms to the joys of toasty open fires, and extols the virtues of a quiet walk, ultimately enticing us all to create the British magic of cosy in our everyday lives. With more than 140 whimsical illustrations and interviews with British lifestyle experts, including Melissa Hemsley, Sophie Dahl, and Dolly Alderton, Cosy is a perfect reminder to slow down, have a cuppa, and settle in when life pushes you into overdrive.

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The Little Book of Hygge

Meik Wiking

New York Times Bestseller Embrace Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) and become happier with this definitive guide to the Danish philosophy of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. Why are Danes the happiest people in the world? The answer, says Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, is Hygge. Loosely translated, Hygge—pronounced Hoo-ga—is a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. "Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience," Wiking explains. "It is about being with the people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe." Hygge is the sensation you get when you’re cuddled up on a sofa, in cozy socks under a soft throw, during a storm. It’s that feeling when you’re sharing comfort food and easy conversation with loved ones at a candlelit table. It is the warmth of morning light shining just right on a crisp blue-sky day. The Little Book of Hygge introduces you to this cornerstone of Danish life, and offers advice and ideas on incorporating it into your own life, such as: Get comfy. Take a break. Be here now. Turn off the phones. Turn down the lights. Bring out the candles. Build relationships. Spend time with your tribe. Give yourself a break from the demands of healthy living. Cake is most definitely Hygge. Live life today, like there is no coffee tomorrow. From picking the right lighting to organizing a Hygge get-together to dressing hygge, Wiking shows you how to experience more joy and contentment the Danish way.

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How to Hygge

Signe Johansen

First published in 2016 by Bluebird, an imprint of Pan Macmillan.

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Cozy Minimalist Home

Myquillyn Smith

More Style, Less Stuff Cozy Minimalism isn’t about going without or achieving a particular new, modern style. Nope. It’s simply a mindset that helps you get whatever style YOU LOVE with the fewest possible items. You want a warm, cozy, inviting home, without using more resources, money, and stuff than needed. Why use more if you don't have to? In Cozy Minimalist Home, accidental stylist and bestselling author Myquillyn Smith guides you step by step on making purposeful design decisions for your home. You'll have the tools to transform your home starting with what you already have, and using just enough of the right furniture and decor to create a home you're proud of in a way that honors your personal priorities, budget, and style.

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