Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Books about manners for kids

Good manners are so important for kids, and adults too! These books cover all kinds of good manners, and a few look at what happens if we forget our manners, oh no!

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Piggy Monday

Suzanne Bloom

The children in Mrs. Hubbub's class are so rude and thoughtless one day that they turn into pigs and need the help of the Pig Lady to help them remember their manners.

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Emily Post’s The Guide to Good Manners for Kids

Cindy P. Senning, Peggy Post

Since 1922, the name Emily Post has represented good manners based on kindness, courtesy, and unselfishness. Today, the third generation of Post authors, Peggy Post and Cindy Post Senning, offers the children of the twenty-first century a comprehensive guide to good manners. This book is full of the simple, practical advice that Emily herself would have offered. Written with kids in mind and full of bold illustrations, emily post's the guide to good manners for kids is a reference guide that children will use and parents can trust. It covers just about every situation a kid will face: writing thank-you notes, attending after-school events, using the Internet safely, speaking -- politely -- on cell phones, participating in weddings, helping out at home, etc.

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Danny and the Dinosaur Mind Their Manners

Syd Hoff

When the museum is expecting a royal visitor, Danny and the dinosaur need to brush up on their manners! From saying “please” to holding doors, can Danny and the dinosaur work on behavior fit for a king? Everyone knows it can be hard learning good manners, but that doesn’t stop Danny and the dinosaur when they learn a king is coming to visit the museum! This dynamic duo will show young readers and parents alike that nothing is impossible if you try your best.

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Yes, Please! No, Thank You!

Valerie Wheeler, Glin Dibley

Questions, answers, and illustrations explore situations calling for polite responses.

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Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf

Judy Sierra

When B.B. Wolf, who now lives in the Villain Villa Retirement Residence, is invited to the library for a storybook tea, he is careful to follow the advice of his crocodile friend and impresses everyone with how polite he can be.

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Aliki makes manners accessible to children through colorful cartoon-style illustrations designed to teach some of the basics. Her lively primer sparkles with examples. There's plenty to learn, plenty to look at, and plenty to share in a clever book that demonstrates the importance of manners while it makes learning them fun.

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The Bad Good Manners Book

Babette Cole

A humorous child's guide to manners, this book's do's and don't's are accompanied by energetic, zany illustrations which point up the text.

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Please Say Please!

Margery Cuyler

Penguin teaches his animal friends how to behave when they are invited for dinner.

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Manners Mash-Up

From the dinner table to the doctor's office, from the playground to the pool, this irreverent book will help kids navigate any social scenario with utmost grace.

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Give Thank You a Try

James Patterson

Sweetly illustrated scenes from a variety of artists show children saying "thank you" for simple gifts like tickles, ice cream, and Mommy and Daddy's love, reminding us of all we have to be grateful for.

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Give Please a Chance

Bill O'Reilly, James Patterson

Give Please a Chance depicts scenes and situations in which one small word can move mountains. With a vivid array of illustrations by seventeen different artists, this charming, helpful book is a fun and memorable way for children to learn the magic power of one simple word: please.

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Mary Louise Loses Her Manners

Diane Cuneo

When Mary Louise starts saying things like "fleas" and "spank you" instead of "please" and "thank you," she realizes that she has lost her manners and goes in search of them.

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Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur

Judy Sierra

A little girl is shopping in a grocery store when--surprise!--she meets a dinosaur. Don't worry. The dinosaur is very friendly. She's polite, too. In this funny story, told in lilting read-aloud rhyme, the girl has numerous opportunities to be helpful to the clumsy shopping dino and demonstrate when to say "thank you," "excuse me," "I'm sorry," "You're welcome," and other niceties of life. Tim Bowers's whimsical illustrations bring an extra dimension of fun to Judy Sierra's hilarious picture book fantasy. Altogether, Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur is an entertaining and painless way to show preschoolers why basic manners are a good thing to have.

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This Little Piggy’s Book of Manners

Kathryn Madeline Allen

Some little pigs remember their manners and others do not.

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Time to Say “Please”!

Mo Willems

Narrated by a group of friendly mice, an amusing book provides preschoolers with an entertaining introduction to manners through helpful demonstrations of when certain words and phrases, such as "excuse me" and "please," are used in social situations.

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Emily’s Everyday Manners

Cindy Post Senning, Peggy Post

Join Emily and her best friend, Ethan, as they show you that good manners aren't just for special occasions; they are for every day. This charming picture book from the most trusted name in etiquette introduces kids to five magic words that make everyone happy, gives tips on mastering good table manners, and offers good advice on how to make and keep friends. Manners have never been more fun and easy to learn.

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Don’t Slurp Your Soup!

Lynne Gibbs

Explores the benefits of good manners in everyday situations, providing specific examples of what the rules are and why it is important to think of how one's actions affect other people.

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Do Unto Otters

Laurie Keller

Mr. Rabbit's new neighbors are Otters. OTTERS! But he doesn't know anything about otters. Will they get along? Will they be friends? Just treat otters the same way you'd like them to treat you, advises Mr. Owl. In her smart, playful style Laurie Keller highlights how to be a good friend and neighbor—simply follow the Golden Rule!

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The Berenstain Bears Say Please and Thank You

Jan Berenstain, Mike Berenstain

Mind Your Manners! The Berenstain Bears know that it is always best to be polite. Their good manners come in handy all the time: when fishing with Papa Bear, when making mud pies, when playing pirates with friends, and when putting on the school play. Even a run-in with the neighborhood bully is an opportunity to be polite! Read along as Brother and Sister and Honey Bear learn when to say "Let me help," "You're welcome," "Excuse me," "I'm sorry," "How are you?" "Nice to meet you," and, of course, "Please" and "Thank you." If the Berenstain Bears can do it, you can too!

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The Bad Seed

Jory John

This is a book about a bad seed. A baaaaaaaaaad seed. How bad? Do you really want to know? He has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad attitude. He’s been bad since he can remember! This seed cuts in line every time, stares at everybody and never listens. But what happens when one mischievous little seed changes his mind about himself, and decides that he wants to be—happy?

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