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Pump Up the Jams (and Heartrate!)

If you’re looking to move and groove more, let these hype tracks pump you up!


Grouplove's fourth album, 2020's Healer, starts with a blast of a song called "Deleter." Grounded by a maniacal piano riff and a dissonant screech of guitars, it's a punk-infused tirade about wishing you could erase certain m

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Now That's What I Call Music 65

The first quarterly installment of 2018 for the long-running series, Now That's What I Call Music! 65 collects some of the biggest mainstream pop tracks that made gains in the charts in the U.S. in late 2017 and early 2018. Released just months

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Carly Rae Jepsen may not be the most prolific pop star, but when she releases an album, she makes it count. On 2015's E-MO-TION, she proved just how much more there was to her music than "Call Me Maybe" as she expanded the sugar rush o

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Electronic trio Major Lazer celebrates their decade-long run as club kings with the 25-track compilation Essentials. Showcasing the combined DJ and production skills of Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire, as well as original member Switch, the colle

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Ocean Eyes

Filled with bubbling electronics and light, G-rated club anthems, Ocean Eyes sets its sights on the MySpace generation, targeting the younger siblings of those who bought the Postal Service's Give Up six years earlier. This is computerized pop m

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Top Pop Vol. 1

The sequel to the 2017 Classics EP finds Pentatonix spending a full album singing the big hits of the day -- a move that isn't all that dissimilar to easy listening albums of the '60s and '70s, where Bacharach/David and Lennon/McCartne

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On top of the music world for much of the 2000s, pop-rap group Black Eyed Peas impacted the global charts and became an indelible part of the mainstream with their crowd-pleasing electro-hip-pop hybrid anthems that would provide the soundtrack to sch

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n a word, stunning. Perhaps an odd word to use given that Violator continued in the general vein of the previous two studio efforts by Depeche Mode: Martin Gore's upfront lyrical emotional extremism and knack for a catchy hook filtered through A

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Like many eponymous albums, Shakira's self-titled 2014 set marks a new beginning: a new album for a new label after she got a new job. The new job was as a co-host on the hit American televised musical contest The Voice, the new label was RCA, a

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In Time: the Best of REM

"Alternative pop-rock/college rock/jangle pop/American underground rock" songs. Disc 1. Man on the moon -- Great beyond -- Bad day -- What's the frequency, Kenneth? -- All the way to Reno (you're gonna be a star) -- Losing my reli

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Poptronica Sci-Fi

Buddha's Poptronica series boasts a title that's a play on the prevalent term for techno in the '90s, electronica. In the early '80s, however, synth pop was often called techno -- something that the compilers of Poptronica remembe

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