Resources for Virtual and Homeschooling Parents

Check out these books that we’ve selected to help your family learn from home.

Learning from home is both new and widespread. We have new books in our parent/teacher collection to help you along the way! From homework help to navigating virtual learning to setting the right tone for learning at home, we want to help.

How to Homeschool

Rodda, Jane

If you want to learn how to homeschool from someone who has real life experience homeschooling, then check out "How To Homeschool" by Jane Rodda. This is an excellent resource for parents. Whether you are merely considering the option, just

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A Parents Guide to Math Homework

Koss, Tami

An easy to understand guide for parents to help their children with math homework.

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The Brave Learner

Julie Bogart

Parents who are deeply invested in their children's education can be hard on themselves and their kids. When exhausted parents are living the day-to-day grind, it can seem impossible to muster enough energy to make learning fun or interesting. H

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Awaking Wonder

Sally Clarkson

Sally, what is your secret? For years, parents worldwide have asked beloved author Sally Clarkson how she and her husband have ignited a love for learning and a deep faith in their children. They want to know how the Clarksons launched their children

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Books to Build on

E. D. Hirsch, Jr., John Holdren

The invaluable grade-by-grade guide (kindergarten--sixth) is designed to help parents and teachers select some of the best books for children.

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Screen-Smart Parenting

Jodi Gold

As a practicing child psychiatrist and mother of three, Jodi Gold has a unique understanding of both the mind-boggling benefits and the serious downsides of technology. Dr. Gold weaves together scientific knowledge and everyday practical advice to he

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The Homeschooling Handbook

Lorilee Lippincott

The mere thought of homeschooling can be overwhelming. What curriculum do I choose? What if we can’t afford all the books? How do I schedule our time? Will my children become socially awkward recluses? What if I screw up my kids’ education?! Lori

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Homeschool Bravely

Jamie Erickson

Quiet the voices of "not good enough" and step courageously into guilt-free homeschooling Many homeschool parents have a long-term relationship with self-doubt. "Did I make the right decision?" "Could someone else do this bet

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Extraordinary Parenting

Eloise Rickman

The Peaceful Home approach to parenting during a pandemic. We are living through an unprecedented and stressful time, and many parents around the world have been asked to care for and educate their children at home. This presents unique challenges, e

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Virtual Schooling

Elizabeth Kanna, Lisa Gillis, Christina Culver

Today, millions of school-age children are learning outside of a traditional classroom and using cutting edge educational options. Policy experts predict that in a decade half of all education will be delivered virtually. In Virtual Schooling three t

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