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Spring Has Sprung!

Everyone has been waiting for spring…let’s see how they react when it arrives!

999 Frogs Wake Up

Ken Kimura

Wake up--it's springtime in the swamp! As 999 young frogs awaken, they panic to find that all of the other animals are still asleep. First they wake the biggest frog... then the tortoise, the lizard, and the ladybugs. But when they hop down a ho

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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Marion Dane Bauer

Describes in verse the lion that is March weather, which finally gives way to the lamb of spring.

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Hooray for Spring!

Kazuo Iwamura

A perfect book to welcome spring! It’s spring, and the world is full of new leaves, cherry blossoms, and hungry baby birds. Mick, Mack, and Molly can see that caterpillars like to eat leaves, and bees like to suck nectar from the blossoms, but what

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Skunk's Spring Surprise

Lesléa Newman

When Skunk wakes from her long winter nap, she can't wait to see all her friends. But they're nowhere to be found! Do they think she stinks? Poor Skunk is fuming ... until she discovers the real reason her friends are missing.

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Hurray for Spring!

Patricia Hubbell

Hurray for Spring! is a whimsical welcome to a child's favorite season. Delightful, rhyming text with lots of fun words make this a wonderfully cadenced anthem to spring. Adorable illustrations with larger-than-life details spring off the page.

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Split! Splat!

Amy S. Gibson

When a little girl ventures out into a spring rain with her dog, singing a simple, plain, pitter-patter rain song, her neighbors soon join her for some muddy-day fun.

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Who's Awake in Springtime?

Phillis Gershator, Mim Green, Emilie Chollat

Describes, in rhymed cumulative text and illustrations, how various young animals and one small human prepare for sleep at the end of a spring day.

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Wake Up, It's Spring!

Lisa Campbell Ernst

When the sun warms up the earth one bright day, the earthworm knows that spring has arrived and begins to spread the word, causing animal, insect, pet, and people alike to rejoice in the season ahead.

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And Then It's Spring

Julie Fogliano, Erin E. Stead

Simple text reveals the anticipation of a boy who, having planted seeds while everything around is brown, fears that something has gone wrong until, at last, the world turns green.

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Spring Song

Barbara Seuling

When new leaves sprout, buds appear, cocoons burst open, and other signs announce the coming of spring, various animals from bears to bullfrogs respond to the warmth of the season.

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Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Julia Rawlinson

When Fletcher the fox finds the ground covered in white, he rushes to warn the other animals that spring snow has fallen, but when they follow him back to the meadow they find something much more fun.

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The Song of Spring

Hendrik Jonas

In this charming book, children will delight in the sounds animals make as they come together to help a young bird find a friend. It's spring and everywhere birds are calling out to each other. But one bird has forgotten which sound to make. He

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