Tales of Friends and Frenemies

From BFFs and Bros to Queen Bees and Wannabees, check out these stories of the best and worst friendship has to offer.

Just as Long as We're Together

Judy Blume

Can you have more than one best friend? Stephanie’s best friend is Rachel. Since second grade they’ve shared everything, good and bad. But now it’s the start of seventh grade and Alison has just moved to their neighborhood. Stephanie immediatel

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Popularity Contest

Rachel Vail

In the fifth book in the series, downtoearth Zoe Grandon competes for the office of class president and the approval of all her friends.

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Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever

Rachel Renee Russell

Nikki and her bandmates are looking forward to an AWESOME summer on tour as the opening act for the world famous Bad Boyz Nikki is a little worried when her frenemy, MacKenzie Hollister, weasels her way into a social media intern position with the to

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Tales from a Not-So-Friendly Frenemy

Rachel Renee Russell

Nikki Maxwell has the worst luck. Of all the schools she could have been assigned to for the student exchange week program, she's stuck at North Hampton Hills, her arch nemesis MacKenzie Hollister's new school. Even worse, there might just

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That's What Friends Do

Cathleen Barnhart

Samantha Goldstein and David Fisher have been friends ever since they met on their town’s Little League baseball team. But when a new kid named Luke starts hanging out with them, what was a comfortable pair becomes an awkward trio. Luke’s comment

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You Go First

Erin Entrada Kelly

Twelve-year-old Charlotte Lockard and eleven-year-old Ben Boxer are separated by more than a thousand miles. On the surface, their lives seem vastly different—Charlotte lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while Ben is in the small town of Lanest

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Sunny Rolls the Dice

Jennifer L. Holm

Sunny's just made it to middle school . . . and it's making her life very confusing. All her best friend Deb wants to talk about is fashion, boys, makeup, boys, and being cool. Sunny's not against any of these things, but she also does

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City of Ghosts

Victoria Schwab

Ever since her near-fatal drowning, Cassidy has been able to pull back the "Veil" that separates the living from the dead and see ghosts, not that she wants to, and she was really looking forward to a ghost-free summer at the beach; however

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Nowhere Boy

Katherine Marsh

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed is stuck in a city that wants nothing to do with him. Newly arrived in Brussels, Belgium, Ahmed fled a life of uncertainty and suffering in Aleppo, Syria, only to lose his father on the perilous journey to the shores of Europe

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Making Friends

Kristen Gudsnuk

Danielle needs a perfect friend, but sometimes making (or creating) one is a lot easier than keeping one!

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When Life Gives You Mangos

Kereen Getten

Twelve-year-old Clara lives on an island that visitors call exotic. But there's nothing exotic about it to Clara. She loves eating ripe mangos off the ground, running outside in the rain with her Papa during rainy season, and going to her secret

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The Right Hook of Devin Velma

Jake Burt

Even though he suffers from social anxiety, 12-year-old Addison agrees to help his best friend achieve social media fame while at a nationally televised NBA game.

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Real Friends

Shannon Hale

When best friends are not forever . . . Shannon and Adrienne have been best friends ever since they were little. But one day, Adrienne starts hanging out with Jen, the most popular girl in class and the leader of a circle of friends called The Group.

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So Done

Paula Chase

When best friends Tai and Mila are reunited after a summer apart, their friendship threatens to combust from the pressure of secrets, middle school, and the looming dance auditions for a new talented-and-gifted program. Fans of Renée Watson’s Piec

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Strange Birds

Celia C. Pérez

How do strangers become friends? Ofelia Castillo is searching for a story. While her friends leave their boring Florida town for summer camps and family vacations, she braces for zero excitement. Lane Disanti would like her whole family to kick rocks

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Boys in the Back Row

Mike Jung

Best friends Matt and Eric are hatching a plan for one big final adventure together before Eric moves away: during the marching band competition at a Giant Amusement Park, they will sneak away to a nearby comics convention and meet their idol—a fam

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Junior High Drama

Louise Simonson

Welcome to Memorial Middle School, where drama fills the classrooms and follows students home on the bus. Social awkwardness. Mean girls. Hallway gossip. It's all part of life in junior high, but maybe it helps to know you aren't alone. Can

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Honeybees and Frenemies

Kristi Wientge

Twelve-year-old Flor faces a bittersweet summer with a pageant, a frenemy, and a hive full of honey. It’s the summer before eighth grade and Flor is stuck at home and working at her family’s mattress store, while her best friend goes off to band

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You Don't Know Everything, Jilly P!

Alex Gino

Jilly thinks she's figured out how life works. But when her sister, Emma, is born deaf, she realizes how much she still has to learn. The world is going to treat Jilly, who is white and hearing, differently from Emma, just as it will treat them

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The Only Black Girls in Town

Brandy Colbert

Beach-loving surfer Alberta has been the only black girl in town for years. Alberta's best friend, Laramie, is the closest thing she has to a sister, but there are some things even Laramie can't understand. When the bed and breakfast across

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