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Turtle Picture Books All the Way Down

Check out some picture books about our favorite animal in a shell.

Hurry Up and Slow Down

Layn Marlow

Hare is always raring to go. He races through the day while the ever-patient Tortoise does his best to keep up. Hare, it certainly seems to Tortoise, has boundless energy. So Tortoise has plans for when it is time for Hare to go to bed - a well-deser

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Turtle in the Sea

Jim Arnosky

A poignant story of a sea turtle mother who lays her eggs late one night, this is also a subtle story about how important it is for mothers to take care of themselves for their children's sake. Dramatic and perfect for beginning readers, this bo

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The Town of Turtle

Michelle Cuevas

In Turtle's shell there's room for only one. But in Turtle's heart, there is room for everyone! This tale of a lonely turtle who comes out of his shell to find friendship and community celebrates diversity and inclusion. When a solitar

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Turtle Walk

Matt Phelan

Turtle walk. Nice and slow. Here we go! Explore all four seasons with this charming-and patient!-turtle family. Award-winning author-artist Matt Phelan guides the youngest readers from the first blooms of spring and the scorching sun of summer to the

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Cathryn Falwell

While their neighbors in the pond . . . leap! lurch! scamper! and splash! six silent turtles sit still as stones. Will the turtles ever move? Read this book and find out. What are you waiting for? Scoot!

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Tortoise Brings the Mail

Dee Lillegard

Because Tortoise is slow to deliver the mail, one animal after another offers to do a better job, but the successful completion of the task always depends on Tortoise.

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Hi, Harry!

Martin Waddell

Harry Tortoise is slow. He's very, very, very slow. He wants someone to play with, but everyone is so quick. Will he ever find a friend who is as slow as him?

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Hurry and the Monarch

Antoine O Flatharta

When the beautiful orange Monarch on her fall migration route from Canada to Mexico stops to rest at Wichita Falls, Texas, she makes friends with an old tortoise called Hurry. She tells him, "Maybe one day you'll break out of that shell, gr

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Hip and Hop, Don’t Stop!

Jef Czekaj

Hip is a turtle who raps really slowly. Hop is a bunny who raps superfast. One afternoon they see a poster for a rap contest and become friends. On the day of the big event, rappers like LudaFish and Notorious P.I.G. take the stage. It comes down to

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Jean Reidy

After his best friend Sarah leaves for her first day of school, a tortoise named Truman goes on an adventure across the living room and learns to be brave in this thoughtful and heartwarming twist on a first experience story. Truman the tortoise live

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Thyra Heder

Nia loves Alfie, her pet turtle. But he’s not very soft, he doesn’t do tricks, and he’s pretty quiet. Sometimes she forgets he’s even there! That is until the night before Nia’s seventh birthday, when nAlfie disappears! Then, in an innovati

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We Found a Hat

Jon Klassen

Two turtles have found a hat. The hat looks good on both of them. But ther are two turtles. And ther is only one hat.

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