LGBTuesdays: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

a copy of laura dean keeps breaking up with me sitting on a desk

Author Mariko Tamaki and illustrator Rosemary Valero-O’Connell teamed up to bring us the graphic novel Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, a poignant story of young love and unhealthy relationships. 

An excerpt from Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, courtesy of Macmillan Publishers.

The story revolves around Frederica “Freddy” Riley and her on-again, off-again relationship with Laura Dean-the most popular girl in school and Freddy’s self-described “dream girl.” As this sapphic love story plays out, the audience sees the degree of unhealthiness that has permeated their relationship and the effect it is having on Freddy’s mental health and friendships.

There is a great deal of diversity in this story and it is an important story for young people to have. Learning to recognize unhealthy relationships and having the tools to address them is useful regardless of a person’s sexual orientation, but is often not addressed in LGBT-spaces. Having representation of positive love stories-avoiding the Kill Your Lesbians trope-is important, but having stories like Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me which address unhealthy love stories are also important and needed.

Beyond the story, the artwork from Rosemary Valero-O’Connell with the black/gray/pink color scheme is powerful and beautiful. This graphic novel is a great choice for everyone of any walk of life to enjoy. You can check it out from AHPL by searching our online catalog or clicking here.

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