The building that currently houses the Auburn Hills Public Library was originally built by Wesson Seyburn. Seyburn was the husband of Winifred Dodge, eldest daughter of John Dodge, the auto baron. The building was a small worker’s home, designed by Robert O. Derrick and built in the late 1920s.

In 1939, the house was sold to Seyburn’s friend Annette Brunette, who remodeled it into the form that can be seen currently with its Greek Revival style and more spacious floor plan-the built-in shelves in the current reading room are original to this remodel in 1939. The house became known as the “Brunette House,” with many happy memories made inside its walls. 

Much of the former Dodge Estate was sold after Wesson Seyburn’s death and the Brunette House eventually fell into the ownership of the City of Auburn Hills, who had it moved to its current location and renovated to become the new home of the Auburn Hills Public Library. Renovations were completed in 1990 and the grand opening was held on April 22, 1990.

After the initial renovation, the Library underwent its expansion from 1995-1996 to add a larger structure onto the house. 13,700 square feet were added in total and the project won the AIA Michigan Design Honor Award in 1998.

You can view photos of that renovation project below.

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We continue to maintain this building and its rich history. In 2019, the Library underwent a small renovation to replace carpeting, remove aging wallpaper, and tile two rooms. As we continue to age, we will work hard to keep the Library looking its best.

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