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Who we are

The Auburn Hills Historical Society, founded in 1993, is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Auburn Hills.

What we do

We further our cause by making donations to the community, hosting historical presentations, maintaining a display case at the Auburn Hills Public Library, cleaning up local landmarks, participating in community functions, and assisting with research relating to Pontiac Township, Auburn, Amy, Auburn Heights, and Auburn Hills.

We hold our monthly meetings at the Auburn Hills Public Library and are open to the public.

a display case filled with old photographs and memorabilia
This is the October 2019 AHHS display case, filled with photographs and memorabilia.

Archives and Collections

Our archives are located in the lower level of the library. The public is welcome to contact the Auburn Hills Historical Society to schedule an appointment to view the archive collections for specific research purposes. Library staff does not have access to the archive collections. We welcome donations of items with historical significance relevant to Auburn, Auburn Heights, Amy, Pontiac Township, and Auburn Hills.

The archive collection consists of the following:

  • Newspaper clippings pertaining to Auburn Hills
  • Auburn Heights Sentinel Newspaper 1958
  • Auburn Hills Newspapers 1983-1948
  • Auburn Argus Newspapers 1985-1991
  • Pontiac Township Tax Records
  • Maps of Auburn Hills – various dates and information content
  • Pictures and information pertaining to various homes and buildings in Auburn Hills
  • Pictures and information pertaining to various places of historic interest within Auburn Hills
  • Pictures and information pertaining to schools serving Auburn Hills and the students that attended those schools
  • 1830-1870 Auburn Hills census records
  • Some artifacts originally belonging to the Austin Farm of Auburn Hills
  • Some artifacts originally belonging to Wesson Seyburn

Pontiac Township 1827-1983

An open view of Pontiac Township 1827-1983 showing photographs of firetrucks.

The newly reprinted Auburn Hills history book, Pontiac Township 1827-1983, is now available from the AHHS for $10. The book can be mailed to you for an additional shipping charge. The book is 96 pages, paperback, and the dimensions are 6″ wide x 9″ tall. 

This informative history book specifically covers the Auburn Hills area. The 16 chapters contain terrific old photographs and maps. The book starts with the United States treaty with the Native Americans to acquire land, the 1827 Legislative Act to establish the township, and the first settlers. Topics covered include the numerous name changes of the City, the first town meeting, community growth, churches, schools, and the creation of the Police and Fire Departments. Also included are notable social activities such as quilting parties, sleigh rides, and motorcycle races. The book closes with the 1983 establishment of the City of Auburn Hills.

Please contact us for more information and to purchase a copy.

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