Public Internet Computers
AHPL offers a number of public internet computers for use by both AHPL cardholders and guests to the library. Cardholders can log in to computers using their library card number and pin, while guests to the library can get a free guest pass from our Information Desk. Note that public internet computer usage may be time-limited depending on demand.

AHPL public printer

Printing has never been easier, or cheaper than it is at the Auburn Hills Public Library! We offer a variety of printing options to suit any and all needs. Whether you’re printing from a personal device such as a laptop or cell phone or using one of our public internet computers, the library has you covered. Regardless of what method you choose, printing is only ever 10 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page. We also accept credit card payments with no minimum required charge for printing!

Printing wirelessly? Click here to visit our web portal for wireless print jobs.

You can also print via email by sending your document as an attachment to one of the following addresses:
Black and White Prints:
Color Prints:

Printing from a smartphone? Use the ePrintIt Public Print app and select the Auburn Hills Public Library as your location!
iOS (iPhone) App
Android App

For detailed printing instructions, download our printing how to guide here

Faxing, Scanning, and More
Our intuitive faxing and scanning machine makes it easy to scan your paper documents to email, USB, Dropbox, Google Drive, your smartphone (via QR code) and more. Best of all, it’s all completely free to both guests of the library and AHPL cardholders. Inexpensive faxing is also available, at a rate of $1 for the first page, and 50 cents for every page after that. Our faxing system takes cash and credit cards, with no minimum charge required for credit card payments.

A variety of other services are also offered by the scanning and faxing station:

  • Translation service: Scan in your document in one language, and have it read back to you in a different language. Take that audio file with you when you go!
  • Photo restoration: scan old photographs through our document feed scanner and use a powerful set of color tweaking tools to make those old photographs shine. (Note: AHPL is not responsible for any damage photos may incur when scanned).
  • Scan to word document: take your physical document and scan it to an editable word document, great for those times when you only have a physical copy left and have to make changes!

The Auburn Hills Public Library offers inexpensive copy services to all cardholders and guest of the library. Copies are 10 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page. Our copy machine takes cash and credit cards, with no minimum charge required for credit card payments!

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