Tales from Behind the Desk

lost and found basket

Our Circulation staff have seen some wild things over the years and they’re finally here to tell you some of the weirdest things they’ve witnessed…behind the desk. Check back monthly for more tales of weirdness!

Would you like your receipt printed or emailed? 

Many of you ask for either a print or email receipt (and sometimes even both!) and check them when you get home. However, there are times when people don’t want a receipt at all. They must be very confident in their memory. But, it always catches us off guard when after we have concluded checkout and closed the account we get asked the following question,”So what’s the return date?” We do appreciate the effort to de-clutter your inbox and help save the planet by wasting less paper, however, if you would like to know your due date, please request one of the 2 options or catch us before we close your account if you also want to save time!

Lost and found! 

The library is public place and, of course, there are people who end up leaving things behind. Some of the most common items include: phones, wallets, credit/debit cards, clothing (i.e. scarves, hats, gloves), water bottles, flash drives, phone chargers, and headphones. Those are all pretty standard items. Some of the most outlandish items we have found are listed below:

  • strollers 
  • undergarments 
  • very expensive jewelry  

We are all asking the same questions, don’t worry, it’s not just you. How could you possibly forget these kinds of things? 

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