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Here at the Library, we love learning about different countries and parts of the world! Even though you are at home, you can virtually travel around the world and see so many amazing things. When you are done with your exploration check out the Worldbook database to learn more! 

Start out close to home by taking a look at America’s National Parks! How many national parks have you had the chance to visit? Take virtual tours of some of the lesser known parks and even see behind the scenes at some of your favorite parks. If you are a Hamilton fan, watch Jordan Fisher (who played Philip Hamilton on Broadway), take a tour of Hamilton’s house. Check out the Old Faithful live stream and try to predict when it will next erupt! 

Learn about and explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu in Peru! Learn about what you see at Machu Picchu and take in the spectacular views. Going through the tour will leave you wanting to learn more about this astounding place.  

Google is partnering with museums around the world to offer virtual tour of their collections. Two of the biggest museums the Louvre and the British Museum are offering virtual tours and supplementary guides. These two amazing collections can help supplement at home lessons and spark interest in new parts of history. 

For music lovers, the Sydney Opera House’s Youtube channel offers behind the scenes looks at the opera house, clips of performances, and even projects for kids! Travel all the way around the world to express your creativity. 

Look for visits for your little ones? Check out a virtual tour of the Boston Children’s Museum or make your way around a Canadian farm to see farm animals! 

Finally, make your way back home with a trip to Ellis Island, which many immigrants passed through on their way to live in America. After learning about what it would be like to make the journey through Ellis Island, visit to discover how your own family came to America.  

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