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Collection highlight: Growing Up Picture Books!

This blog post will highlight a special collection in the picture books called our Growing Up books! The Growing Up collection features books that address topics all around different life milestones for young children. Especially during this difficult time, it’s important to take the time to celebrate or address these big changes! Included in the collection are books about:

-going to school

-siblings (including adding a new sibling to the family)

-getting a new pet

-learning about emotions (anxiety, anger management, and even jealousy)

-potty training

We are always adding new books to this collection, so here are a few we have added in the last year!

Whatifs by Emily Kilgore

Cover shows girl looking nervous as small monsters float around her head.

This picture book focuses on a strategy for dealing with anxiety. When the main character can’t stop herself from asking “what if…”, she feels overwhelmed and anxious. Kilgore, who struggles with an anxiety disorder, brings in a new friend to suggest how to turn those negative thoughts into positives. 

Graduating to a new grade is always exciting, but especially when you are graduating kindergarten! Graduation Groove by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook celebrates all things kindergarten, while also looking forward to first grade.  

Graduation Groove by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook

Book cover shows a class of diverse children in graduation gowns.
Don't Hug Doug (He doesn't like it) by Carrie Finison

Book Cover displays title text with Doug shrugging his shoulders next to the words.

Doug isn’t a fan of hugs! So how do you know if he wants a hug? You just need to ask! Don’t Hug Doug by Carrie Finison includes an important lesson about consent for young children.

A friend moving away never gets easier. In Evelyn Del Rey is moving away, author Meg Medina demonstrates the emotions and coping strategies you can use during a big life change.

Evelyn Del Rey is moving away by Meg Medina.

Book cover shows two girls touching foreheads. Behind them is a moving truck with boxes.
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