Interactive Picture Books!

  • Interactive Picture Books!

These pictures books offer the reader a chance to interact and engage with the story, rather than just listen!

I Will Chomp You!

Jory John

STOP RIGHT THERE. Don't move a muscle, buster. Stay out of this book or I WILL CHOMP YOU So says the not-so-fierce inhabitant of I Will Chomp You , a tale of deception, greed . . . and cake In their funny read-aloud, Jory John and Bob Shea bring

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The Monster at the End of this Book

Jon Stone

Grover tries to prevent young readers from turning the pages of this book because he doesn't want to meet up with the monster on the last page.

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Stir Crack Whisk Bake

America's Test Kitchen Kids, Maddie Frost

An adorable new board book for the littlest of foodies, from the creators of the most-watched cooking show, America's Test Kitchen, and #1 New York Times bestselling kids cookbook, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs. "Today is a special

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A Surprise for Tiny Mouse

Petr Horacek

Tiny Mouse loves nibbling corn in the sunshine. She loves the crackle of the leaves in the wind. She even loves the snowflakes when they tickle her nose. But when the rain starts to fall, Tiny Mouse runs for her hole. What will make her come out? Tod

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TouchThinkLearn: Wiggles

Claire Zucchelli-Romer

Little fingers twist and twirl, zigging and zagging their way through a colorful dance of imagination. Let your fingers do the dancing!

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Eco Baby: Where Are You Penguin?

Dorling Kindersley

Meet Penguin and lots more Antarctic animals in this plastic-free touch and feel board book. Search icy Antarctica in Where Are You Penguin, and discover amazing animals like Albatross, Orca, Snow Petrel, and Seal. Can you find Penguin's special

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Marie Torres Cimarusti

The authors take children on a rhyming peek-a-boo adventure set in a farm yard. The book incorporates 8 larger than life fold-down flaps and is illustrated in colour throughout.

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Hide and Seek Harry at the Beach

Kenny Harrison

Harry likes to play hide-and-seek, but it’s hard to hide a hippo! Little readers will love being in on the joke as they spot the formidable Harry. When Harry and his friends are at the beach, they always play their favorite game, hide-and-seek. In

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Find Fergus

Mike Boldt

Play the funniest game of hide and seek ever with Fergus, a bear who's very, very bad at hiding. The hilarious illustrator of I Don't Want to Be a Frog brings picture book fans a super-silly, interactive story that will have children giggli

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If You're Happy and You Know It

Jane Cabrera

Sing, stomp, and clap along - if you're happy, let it show! Get young readers moving, clapping, and flapping with this brightly colored sing along picture book full of joyful jungle animals. Nod along with groovy giraffe, flap with baby bird, an

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A House

Kevin Henkes

Where is the door to the house? Do you see any clouds? What does the house look like when it is sunny outside? When it is raining? And what will the house turn into when its family returns? A home.

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Neon Leon

Jane Clarke

Chameleons are the best at fitting in. But Leon is an exception. Leon is neon! In this delightful interactive book, children can help Leon on his journey to find a place where he can fit in.

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Crunch the Shy Dinosaur

Cirocco Dunlap

From the author of "This Book Will Not Be Fun" and Theodor Seuss Geisel Award-winning artist Pizzoli ("The Watermelon Seed") comes a charming, giggly read-aloud that illustrates the particular art of making a friend.

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Open Very Carefully

Nick Bromley

A crocodile falls into a quiet storybook and wreaks havoc on the characters, in a tale that invites youngsters to slam the book shut or find the courage to take a peek inside.

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Abracadabra, It's Spring!

Anne Sibley O'Brien, Susan Gal

Sun shines on a patch of snow. Hocus pocus! Where did it go? Winter turns to spring in this lyrical book that celebrates the magic of nature and the changing seasons. Eleven gatefolds open to re-create the excitement and surprise of spring's arr

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High Five

Adam Rubin

From the creators of the "New York Times" bestseller "Dragons Love Tacos" comes a rollicking, rhyme-tastic, interactive book where kids discover the lost art of the high five and improve their slapping skills. From hand-limbering

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Get Out of My Bath!

Britta Teckentrup

Ellie the elephant loves to have fun in the bath, but she's not the only one. Her fun is interrupted when a crocodile decides to join her, followed by a flamingo, then a mouse and even a tiger Poor Ellie's bath is ruined. What can she do?

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Counting Chickens

Harriet Ziefert

Don't count your chickens ... but do count your eggs, fish, and elephants! Distinctive Flensted Mobiles are featured in this innovative counting book. Young readers can count from one to ten and back again, by twos or threes, and can even find s

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Bunny Slopes

Claudia Rueda

Time to tackle the bunny slope! Shake to help Bunny make it snow, tilt to help Bunny ski down the slope, and turn to help Bunny escape a cliff in his path. Is there any obstacle Bunny can't conquer? Bringing grins and guffaws with each turn of t

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It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Charles G. Shaw

The white shape silhouetted against a blue background changes on every page.Is it a rabbit, a bird, or just spilt milk? Children are kept guessing until the surprise ending -- and will be encouraged to improvise similar games of their own.

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Mix It Up!

Hervé Tullet

From the creator of 'Press Here' comes a joyful exploration of color that will enchant young and old.

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Don’t Push the Button!

Bill Cotter

There's only one rule in Larry's book: don't push the button. (Seriously, don't even think about it!) Even if it does look kind of nice, you must never push the button. Who knows what would happen? Okay, quick. No one is looking..

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The Book with No Pictures

B. J. Novak

You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here's how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say . . . BLORK. Or BLUURF. And even if the wor

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Plant the Tiny Seed

Christie Matheson

There is magic in every tiny seed. The seeds that come in little paper packets and those that fall from flowers and plants. In every garden and every flowerpot, magic can grow.

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It's a Tiger!

David LaRochelle

A child imagines that he is in a story where he encounters a tiger at every turn.

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