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Science Fiction takes readers away on a journey to far flung futures or a reimagined world.  This genre seeks to ask how science, whether real or not, would affect us on an individual and/or societal level.

Science Fiction Subgenre Lists


Alternate Histories/Realities 

Alternate history science fiction is a fascinating subgenre that explores what could have happened if certain events in history had taken a different turnThese books are often thought-provoking and imaginative, and they offer readers a chance to see the past in a whole new light. 

Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic 

This subgenre of science fiction talks about the Earth and its civilization collapsing or having collapsedThe apocalypse event may be climatic, astronomical, destructive, medical, end time, or any other scenario in which the outcome is apocalypticThe story may revolve around attempts to prevent an apocalypse event, deal with the impact and consequences of the event itself, or it may be post-apocalyptic, set after the event. 


A subgenre of science fiction where the books are typically considered noteworthy. These books stand the test of time. Readers are aware of, and may even know the plot of, even if they have never read the books. 


Think horror books have a monopoly on creepy creaturesThink againThis genre features terrifying monsters sure to have you looking over your shoulder or at least avoiding interplanetary travel long after reading. 


This subgenre of science fiction explores social and political structures.  They draw on aspects of our own world.  Mirroring elements of society, the environment, religion, politics or technology, these books present a world that, though eerily familiar, is much more frightening than our own. 

Hard Science Fiction 

From exploring new frontiers in space to discovering the potential of advanced technologies, hard science fiction offers readers an intellectual and scientifically grounded exploration of the future. 


Science fiction has always been a genre that explores the unknown and challenges our understanding of the world. As society becomes more inclusive, it’s important that the stories we tell reflect a diverse range of experiences and perspectives.  The science fiction genre has plenty of novels to choose from where queer characters play an integral role in the story. 

Space Opera 

Thrilling adventures through outer spaceConflicts between competing alien civilizationsHeroes who rise from the ashes of warWhile we normally associate space opera with epic tales and galaxy-spanning empires, many character-driven stories can also be found through this subgenreThere’s something for everyone in this subgenre: military campaigns, conspiracies to unravel, found families to cheer on, and people discovering their grand destiny. 


Steampunk is an inventive and eccentric genre mash-up of the future and the past, imagining that the steam-powered technology of the Victorian era far exceeded what was possible in reality.  Steampunk has now developed into a thriving subculture, but it all started with books. 

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