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If You Like the Pigeon, You Might Like…

Have you read all of Mo Willems books 100 times? Check out some new picture books perfect for your Pigeon fan!

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Edna the Very First Chicken

Douglas Rees

Tyrannosaurus Rex wants breakfast. He stomps and he roars and he gnashes his teeth—and he scares all the other dinosaurs right out of the forest. Only Edna, the very first chicken, is unafraid. She won't let that bully T. rex push her around!

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There's an Alien in Your Book

Tom Fletcher

Readers will enjoy jiggling, bouncing, and turning their book around as they try to launch Alien back up into space--because aliens don't belong on they? This companion to There's a Monster in Your Book and There's a Dragon

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Grumpy Bird

Jeremy Tankard

Bird wakes up feeling grumpy. Too grumpy to eat or play -- too grumpy even to fly. "Looks like I'm walking today," says Bird. He walks past Sheep, who offers to keep him company. He walks past Rabbit, who also could use a walk. Raccoon

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Can You Make a Scary Face?

A ladybug invites the reader to play a game of "let's pretend."

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We Don't Eat Our Classmates

Ryan T. Higgins

It's the first day of school for Penelope Rex, and she can't wait to meet her classmates. But it's hard to make human friends when they're so darn delicious! That is, until Penelope gets a taste of her own medicine and finds she m

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Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise

David Ezra Stein

When Little Red Chicken comes home excited about what she learned in school, she explains to Papa that every story has "an elephant of surprise."

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The Day the Crayons Quit

Drew Daywalt

When Duncan arrives at school one morning, he finds a stack of letters, one from each of his crayons, complaining about how he uses them.

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Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin

Explore the love dragons have for tacos, and the dangers of feeding them anything with spicy salsa!

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The Book with No Pictures

B. J. Novak

You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here’s how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud.

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Dinosaur Vs. the Library

Journeying to the library for story time, an enthusiastic Dinosaur discovers that his roaring may not be a popular activity at the library.

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