Level K Books

Leveled Reading is a system that is used to track children’s reading progression and help find books that correspond with that level.

Level K books have longer sentences (more than 15 words) as well as longer stretches of print without the support of pictures. Readers are able to use higher level processing connecting multiple episodes to a single plot. They are also able to process dialogue heavy stories.

Yasmin the Fashionista

Saadia Faruqi

Yasmin is bored! But a glimpse of the pretty clothes in Mama's closet turns a boring evening into a glamorous fashion show, until, OOPS! Mama's shalwar kameez is ruined! Can Yasmin's nani save the day before Mama gets home?

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The Best Teacher in Second Grade

Katharine Kenah

Luna has the best teacher in second grade—but her classmates think she is the new kid from outer space! Mr. Hopper loves the midnight sky almost as much as Luna does, but the rest of the class isn’t on the same page. They won’t listen to her ideas for the Family Night program—until something goes unexpectedly wrong! With a nudge from Mr. Hopper, Luna shares her plan which just might save the show. From the team who wrote and illustrated The Best Seat in Second Grade, and The Best Chef in Second Grade, this is a heartfelt story that shows the difference a good teacher can make in a student’s life.

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Bread and Jam for Frances

Russell Hoban

Frances is a fussy eater. In fact, the only thing she likes is bread and jam. She won't touch her squishy soft-boiled egg. She trades away her chicken-salad sandwich at lunch. She turns up her nose at boring veal cutlets. Unless Mother can come up with a plan, Frances just might go on eating bread and jam forever!

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Andy Shane, Hero at Last

Jennifer Richard Jacobson

A bicycle-decorating contest provides Andy with a humorous and highly appreciated opportunity to save the hometown parade. There are two things Andy Shane wants more than anything — to win the contest for best-decorated bike in the parade, and . . . to be a hero. He has a great idea for the bike part, although high-strung Dolores is upping the ante with her paper-daisy-covered helmets for her and her cat. But the second goal has Andy stumped, until the parade is in motion and his eagle eyes catch the reason why the drum corps has suddenly thrown the marchers out of whack. Pass the baton to a lovably low-key hero as he saves the day in a new adventure for early chapter-book readers.

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Nate the Great and Me

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Nate the Great needs your help. Annie's dog, Fang, is missing! That's what Nate discovers when his friends throw him a surprise Happy Detective Day party. Where is Fang? As you and Nate track down clues--Fang was learning tricks for the party; he was seen running away from two tiny poodles and following a lady wearing fluffy-bunny shoes--Nate will share his expert detective skills with you so you can sharpen your sleuthing talents.

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Flat Stanley Goes Camping

Jeff Brown

Stanley and the Lambchop family take a trip to the woods. It gets a little scary when Stanley and his brother, Arthur, run away from a skunk—and straight toward the edge of a cliff! Flat Stanley Goes Camping is an I Can Read book designed to engage and excite child readers. It is a Level 2 book, which means it is perfect for kids who are starting to read on their own but still need some help.

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Gus and Grandpa Ride the Train

Claudia Mills, Catherine Stock

Gus waves at the train near his grandfather's house, sets up a toy train, and eventually gets to ride on the train with his grandfather.

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Frog and Toad Are Friends

Arnold Lobel

Five tales recounting the adventures of two best friends - Frog and Toad.

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Ling & Ting: Twice as Silly

Grace Lin

Ling & Ting are twins. They like to be silly. They like to tell jokes. Most of all, they like to laugh together. This collection of six laugh-out-loud stories is sure to tickle the funny bone of fans and new readers alike.

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Hooper Humperdink–? Not Him!

Theo LeSieg, Dr. Seuss

A youngster plans a huge, spectacular party, inviting friends whose names begin with every letter from A to Z--except for one person.

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Let’s Mix!

DK Publishing, Shari Last

The LEGO mixels split, mix, and combine with each other to create wacky combinations.

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Lionel and Louise

Stephen Krensky

Four stories about Lionel and his big sister Louise at the beach, cleaning up a mess, fighting a "dragon, " and camping out in the backyard.

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Pinkalicious: Fashion Fun

Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious decides that she and her friends should play dress-up using her mother’s clothes. But when Mommy asks them to find something else to do, Pinkalicious comes up with a pinkerrific idea! She and her friends create pinkatastic outfits from household items, like coffee filters and macaroni.

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Houndsley and Catina

James Howe, Marie-Louise Gay

Houndsley and Catina run into trouble when they decide to prove that they are the best at cooking and writing, respectively.

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Clark the Shark: Lost and Found

Bruce Hale

When Mrs. Inkydink announces a class trip to the farmers’ market, Clark is so excited he doesn’t listen to her instructions. “Hurrah, hooray, it’s time to play!” Clark gets lost in the crowd and has to use his rhyming to remember what Mrs. Inkydink said to do. Beginning readers will be entertained and reassured by this clever, funny tale featuring our favorite boisterous shark. The back matter includes fun, bite-sized facts about shark eating!

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Otter: I Love Books!

Sam Garton

Otter and his friends visit the library, where they discover that they can go anywhere and have as many adventures as they want by reading books.

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Mia and the Dance for Two

Robin Farley

Mia is excited to learn a new dance with her best friend, Ruby. But on the day of class, Ruby isn’t feeling well and Mia must find another partner. At first Mia is afraid she won’t have anyone to dance with, but soon Mia finds herself with not one, but two partners! Making sure no one is left out, Mia finds a solution that will work for everyone.

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Click, Clack, Surprise!

Doreen Cronin

Happy first birthday, Little Duck! Everyone wants to look their best for the party. But Little Duck has never had a birthday before—so how better to learn how to prepare than to do what all the other animals do! The sheep trim their wool—so Little Duck trims her feathers. The pigs need a mud bath—so Little Duck squishes and squashes, too. All over the barnyard Little Duck snips, slurps, and shimmy shakes herself ready until...WHOOPS! It’s party picture time—and Little Duck is a big mess. No matter—it’s not something Farmer Brown’s frosted maple cake can’t fix!

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The Berenstain Bears and the Shaggy Little Pony

Jan Berenstain, Mike Berenstain

Meet Oscar the shaggy little pony. Brother and Sister care for Oscar in return for riding lessons. Before long, Oscar and the cubs are ready to enter the local riding show!

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Rafi and Rosi

Lulu Delacre

Two tree frogs, mischievous Rafi Coquí and his younger sister Rosi, learn about the plants and animals of Puerto Rico together, in a title which includes a spattering of easy Spanish words.

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Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt!

Simon Beecroft

Introduces characters from the motion picture, including Anakin Skywalker, his apprentice Ahsoka, and Ziro the Hutt.

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On the Go with Mr. and Mrs. Green

Keith Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Green are as busy as ever in this fourth book of adventures, and their usual zest for life (and delicious munchies) has not diminished a bit since we last saw them. Beginning readers will love getting green with everyone's favorite warm and wacky alligator couple.

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