Let’s Dance

  • Let’s Dance

Get up and moving and explore different kinds of dancing with these fun books about dance!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Hervé Tullet

"Hervé invites you to a very special dance: your hand becoming the dancer and the book the dance floor. "

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Let's Dance, Little Pookie

Sandra Boynton

Are you ready to do the piggy-piggy shake? Then put on your snazzy sneakers and join the dance party as Little Pookie boogies to a Pookie-Pookie beat.

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If You're A Monster And You Know It

Rebecca Emberley, Ed Emberley

Children will stomp their paws, twitch their tails, snort and growl, and wiggle and wriggle along with this bright and bold picture book twist on If You're Happy and You Know It.

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How Do You Dance?

Thyra Heder

There are so many ways to dance! You can jiggle or wiggle or stomp. You can bop or bounce or go completely nuts. You can dance at the market or the bus stop, with your fingers or your face. You can dance because you're happy or even because you&

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Hip-Hop Lollipop

Susan Montanari

"Follow a little girl as she moves, swings, and grooves her way through her bedtime routine, dancing all the while, until she finally closes her eyes and dances through her dreams"

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Dance Party Countdown

Eric Litwin

Groovy Joe is a guitar-playing dog who loves to sing and dance, and when many other dogs come and join him his home gets a little crowded, but the party's fun, and Joe is definitely a guitar hero.

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Giraffes Can't Dance

Giles Andreae

Gerald the giraffe is too clumsy to dance with all the other animals at the Jungle Dance, until he finds the right music.

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Flora and the Penguin

Molly Idle

Flora takes to the ice and forms an unexpected friendship with a penguin. Twirling, leaping, spinning, and gliding, on skates and flippers, the duo mirror each other's graceful dance above and below the ice. But when Flora gives the penguin the

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Feel the Beat: Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing

Marilyn Singer

Collects poems about various types of social dance, from samba and salsa to tango and hip-hop, with an accompanying audio disc featuring the author reading the poems set to the music for each dance.

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Emma and Julia Love Ballet

Barbara McClintock

A story that follows the everyday life of two girls, one a professional ballerina, the other a student, both of whom love ballet.

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Dinosaur Dance!

Sandra Boynton

Join Boynton' s lively prehistoric bunch as they get everyone' s tails shaking for a feet-stomping good time!

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Daniel Can Dance

Delphine Finnegan

Daniel Tiger learns how to dance as he claps his hands, taps his foot, and snaps his fingers with the music.

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Dance, Dance, Dance!

Ethan Long

Horse and Buggy are best friends who don't always see eye to eye. When Buggy sees Horse dancing, can Horse convince the reluctant Buggy to lighten up and join in?

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Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes

Mahak Jain

Paro comes from a dancing family. At home, she dances Bharatanatyam with her mom, and now she's excited to learn ballet. But what if she can't dance like the other kids in her class? Ballerinas move like fairies, while Bharatanatyam dancers

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The Animal Boogie

Debbie Harter, Fred Penner

In the jungle, the animals' toes are twitching, their bodies are wiggling, and their wings are flapping--as they teach children how to do the Animal Boogie.

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Baby Dance

Father and child dance and sing and have fun together.

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